July 19, 2013
1 Year, 1 Month and 27 days since
our celebration.
Look at our family!!
Look at our family!!

            Beloved Boss Family,                                                    

     As we continue planning for our 2013 reunion in Phoenix, I want to take a few moments to share with you the approaches we, the Phoenix committee are taking as well as some thoughts regarding the way forward for our future bi-annual gatherings.


  Let me first however; say just how proud I am of being a BOSS and a member of this beautiful family.  I also feel so Blessed to have been able to have attended each of our previous eleven (11) reunions, starting with the first in Louisiana in 1992.  Giving due credit to our beloved Florence Sims, who has been called home to be with the Lord.  Florence was the primary organizer of that first gathering and is also credited with researching and compiling information regarding the rich Boss Family History starting with Mama Sarah and Papa Ed – OUR BEGINNING.  Since that 1992 gathering, we have enjoyed meeting in locations from Houston to Seattle, including stops also in Alexandria, La, Dallas, Tx, and Los Angeles, Ca.  Like our Beloved Florence, some many of  our family members who played active rolls in our reunions but more important, in our individual and collective growth and development have been called home with the Lord.  So let us never forget them, never forget their contributions, the legacy each of them made and left for us to cherish and uphold.  These are things that should keep us moving forward, ensuring that every family member is provided knowledge of the Boss Family history.  Our reunions are vehicles to deliver that knowledge.



 For this 2013 gathering, we started the BossFamilyReunion Website in an attempt to take full advantage of technology and social media to make everyone’s planning/preparation as convenient and seamless as possible.  Please make sure to view the site in its entirety, by selecting and trying the various buttons and related links.  Keep in mind that the site is “a work in progress” so we will be adding on and improving as we receive and consider valuable inputs/suggestions from each of you – remember, it’s our Boss Family Reunion website and we all share ownership.

 Accordingly, we purchased a one-year subscription for the site domain at MYEVENT.COM at a cost (for one year) of $249.00.  Our hope is that our family, collectively, will keep the site active with the responsibility of its administrative upkeep resting primarily with the organizers of the subsequent reunion -- meaning that those who volunteer to host the next reunion will be responsible.  That being true, donations in small amounts are encouraged from family members at large to offset the related cost.  We have therefore, provided a page specifically designated for such donations.  This matter will be discussed in greater detail at business meeting planned for the end of our 2013 reunion.

In navigating the website, you will find that a key feature is a page designated for you to pay for reunion fees, T-shirt purchases, etc with credit card (VISA/Mastercard only).  We encourage this method of payment in that it then allows all monies to go directly into the reunion bank account we have opened at Chase Bank – a nation-wide bank.  Therefore, this account, like the website, is one we hope will remain opened and be likewise managed by the host of each subsequent reunion.  Let me quickly add, that though we encourage family members to pay online, at the site, via credit card, those who do not use credit cards nor computers will still have the option of mailing in monies for above mentioned fees and purchases using Money Orders or Cashiers Checks.  Towards that end, we are asking everyone to help us ensure that all family members are aware of this information by passing it on to everyone you know who does not use or have access to computer or the internet.  We will include the appropriate forms on the website for mail-in payments and purchases, so when you pass on this information to those who wish to use mail-ins, please print and provide them the appropriate forms or send (email) their name and address to us at our Boss Reunion Email Address – bfr2013@cox.net -- so we can mail forms to them.  However, we encourage you to print and provide these forms at your location for the obvious reason of costs-savings for mailing etc.


Lastly, please send all related questions, comments and information on any matter regarding our reunion or things mentioned above to the boss family reunion email address – bfr2013@cox.net.



Loving you in this important Election Year,


Eddy Lewis Boss and

The Phoenix Committee

Connie Boss Alexander

Terri Boss

Annie Miller

Alan Boss

Milton A Bowden (Punkin)

Where was the first Boss Family reunion held?

Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Alexandria, LA
Chicago, IL
Where would be the ideal site for the next family reunion?

Bayou Rapide, LA
Family Reunion Cruise
Caribbean (open destination)
another suggestion
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